Thursday, December 11, 2008

Advent with the Asplunds (December 7)

Since I didn't get any pictures from Thanksgiving, I thought I'd try to make up for it by taking pictures at our annual Advent/Christmas carol celebration. It's really just Thanksgiving part two with traditional foods from Finland, Denmark, and well, whatever I bring. This year, I brought the traditional Terri's egg nog, Sarah's salad (from the Lion House cookbook), and bruschetta (we took caprese on Thanksgiving). We ate, watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, then sang Christmas carols.


leila said...

I'm so glad you finally updated, I check everyday!! The food looked great and I also noticed Brian and Whitney in one photo!! What do you think of her? Anyway, keep the pictures and blogs coming. Leila

Kevan said...

Wow, I want to come! We don't see any of that kind of food on Tinian! We would get rice and Japanese cold noodles, or something!