Monday, December 29, 2008

19 Years Ago...

As I lay awake this morning courtesy of Griffin's new clock (which had an alarm set for 6 a.m.), I was thinking about the day John and I were sealed for time and all eternity, 19 years ago today. Boy, that was an early morning (4 a.m.), and what a way for John to be introduced to my brother, Chris, and his wife, Kim--from behind a camera as they filmed us getting ready (I wasn't the nicest person that morning; my apologies to everyone). John and Mom and I left for the Washington DC temple (it was cold!) and shortly thereafter, I began a new life, that of Mrs. John W. Asplund (or, as the kids around here--even in the school--call me, Sister Asplund). When things were over in the temple (we were the first of 85 sealings that day), we ran from the temple to the car (did I mention it was cold?) and took off back to the Marriott in Bethesda, Maryland. We all gathered to eat at Allie's Pantry, then, collapsed into bed (clean up your minds, everyone--we fell asleep).
The next day, we were heading back home for our reception. There was an ice storm and the driveway was a skating rink. Everything had been prepared beforehand by my sisters and mom. Months earlier I called in my measurements and some dress patterns that I liked, and they put together both my temple dress and reception dress. They decorated, baked, took care of all the arrangements, and all we had to do was show up and go where we were told. We never worried about anything. All I had to do was focus on the day.
We enjoyed amazing food (didn't get any of the chocolate raspberry wedding cake though until years later), lots of friends, and, one of my favorite parts, plenty of Christmas ornaments given as gifts that we still use to this day. I think about our reception every time we put up our Christmas tree. After a few days, we flew to Missouri for another reception, stayed for a couple of days, then drove straight to our apartment in Salt Lake so we could return for work the next day. (Not much of a honeymoon, although we did take our firstborn with us to Snowbird for our first anniversary [special thanks to Mom who watched him, though, so we could have dinner together at The Steak Pit]. That came four kids and ten years later when we went to Hong Kong.) To celebrate, we decided to recreate the first night we met. John was the new roommate of my friends from BYU. I came over to hang out with them and we were about to take off when John said, "I'll pay for the pizza if you guys stay here." So he ordered pizza from Domino's and we watched the original Parent Trap movie. One week later, we were engaged. Tonight we've ordered pizza from Papa John's (and a lot more of it!), will put in the DVD, and then watch that video from 19 years go (the kids made sure to mention, "Haven't we seen it before?"), making sure we transfer it to DVD so we can put a copy in our safe.
We were a lot thinner (and I spent a lot more time getting ready!) back then, but couldn't have been any happier than we are now. I remember when we were going to play the board game, Life, with our friends and I wanted the white car, one of them made kind of a snide comment. To this day, John makes sure I get the white car. (He even sent me white roses the next day to remind me that I deserved it!) He has always stood up for me. He is my very best friend. I can't sleep without him next to me.
I love him because he makes me laugh.
I love him because he'll watch the A&E Pride and Prejudice with me (well, he'll fall asleep to it).
I love him because he can read me like a book.
I love him because he supports me not only in my church callings, but in all my extracurricular activities.
I love him because he has warm hands when mine are cold.
I love him because there's nothing more peaceful than lying close to him and taking deep, relaxing breaths.
Isn't eternity great?

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