Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Now it's Christmas Eve

Today was another busy day, especially at work. Since interest rates have fallen, we are refinancing mortgages like crazy and it leaves little down time for much of anything. Ian was able to go caroling with the student council at the hospital, and the others were under orders to prepare the house for Christmas Day. We also took advantage of the break in between storms to try to get some of the ice broken off the driveway. (Two days ago we had 13 inches of snow; we're expecting another 14 tomorrow.)

In the front yard of one of our neighbors. Notice how much snow is still on the ground around it!

As a reward for their good work, I took them to the Nickelcade for a couple of hours. Everyone seemed to have a really enjoyable time there. (Mom, notice the jacket Maggie's wearing?)

We came home to make chili, finish cleaning, get Christmas pajamas, and for Santa to disappear into the living room to begin wrapping presents. I finished by 8 o'clock and am now waiting for everything to quiet down. (I know, silly me.)

Merry Christmas (Eve), everyone! We love and miss you all, very much.

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