Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I have no pictures, but we just finished cleaning up after a big party with our usual crew (the Elliott and Williams families), and about ten of Ian's friends as well. We ate hot and honey wings, 7-layer dip (homemade this time since the last one was kind of spicy!), egg nog for the final time this season, fruit, veggies, caprese, fondue, cheese and crackers, cocktail weiners, drinks and drinks, and drinks (of the non-alcoholic variety, of course)! The kids played Rock Band/Guitar Hero and then watched Labyrinth and we just continued making food and visiting throughout the evening. Around 11:30, we took the adults downstairs to play Guitar Hero while the kids went upstairs to play the game, "Curses."

I got to kiss my sweetheart as we rung in and toasted the new year. Even one of Ian's friends, Randie who is a girl, got a kiss from a boy at midnight. Unfortunately, that boy was Wilbur the Beagle. I don't think it was quite what she was anticipating. Happy 2009!

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Kevan said...

I dearly miss your 7 layer dip! In fact, anything kind of mexican is absent here-- except an occasional Taco Bell on Saipan (I'm not sure that counts!).

One of my favorite memories: Super bowl party and Jennifer's 7 layer dip! aaahhhh...