Monday, January 31, 2011

Road Show? What's a Road Show?

Being in the youth program 30 years ago, road shows and scripture chases were significant events in each year. I still remember when we had to move our show from Broomall to Valley Forge and how exciting that night was.

A few months ago, one of our neighboring stakes decided they wanted to bring back road shows and invited us to participate. The problem? It would be over Christmas break and it was difficult to get the support we needed. In fact, the big dress rehearsal with all the wards in our stake was on the night of the big rivalry basketball game between MV and Orem as well as the game between BYU and SDSU (two top 10 teams).

So we assigned a couple who were already serving in the youth to take charge. They wrote it based on the theme, "We Believe" and we started rehearsals the first week of January. Ellie was one of the Mormon rappers as well as part of the basketball team and then the big family. Maggie had to drop out because of the ballroom competition, but she came to rehearsals and gave her suggestions when they would run it.

The gist of the show was based on a song the Bishop's son wrote on his mission. It was about 6 high school kids (3 members, 3 non-members) and the curiosity of the non-members with the members. They included things such as firesides, big families, confusion of Mormons with Amish people, and the gym being used for a wedding reception and basketball game. In the end, the missionaries (who had been confused with FBI agents) were seen teaching them the discussions. The kids sang a Mormon rap, used the Ghostbusters theme (which most of them have never heard of nor seen!) and closed with The Church of Jesus Christ.

It turned out fine, very road-showy. I think it was a good experience for them but hope that if we do it again the timing is a little different.

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