Monday, January 3, 2011

We've Been Adopted!

Our neighbors have a cat named Gus. I have included him before in our blog. Lately, he seems to have found his way into our family--by way of the dog door. For a while, I thought Griffin was struggling making the kool-aid because I seemed to find these little "splatter" patterns on my counters. Once I realized that Gus had been coming in when we were gone, I noticed that these patterns were actually his paw prints. And to our astonishment, the dogs didn't react when he came in. This made us realize that this must not be a new behavior; we're just the last to know.

In fact, at one point last week, we realized that he's made his home under Ellie's bed. We didn't realize just how often, though, until we were dog sitting and the little pup--who fit quite easily under the bed--regularly was barking in Ellie's room until Gus made his way out.

We've been in quite a cold snap lately, so Gus has been coming in on a more regular basis. He's even skipped going under the bed to just snuggling in with Ellie. This morning, as I was getting out of bed, this was what greeted me.

When I came home, this was the scene in Ellie's bed. Did I mention we've been adopted?

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meg said...

Kool Aid paw prints; that's funny.