Saturday, January 29, 2011

Maggie's First Ballroom Competition

Today was Maggie's first competition as part of the MVHS Ballroom Team. The first dance they did was the "cha-ngo." I wasn't able to see that one since our ward was involved in a multi-stake road show at the same time. She let me know that their team placed 8th (out of 8) and they were stunned as the winning number was a hip-hop piece (not typically seen in ballroom, for sure!). She still had a couple of hours before she would perform the quickstep in the team match portion. I was relieved that things would be over and I'd have everyone home so I could go see the second number.

LOUD!!!!!!!! That's the only way to describe this event. I got their about 45 minutes before the team match. The other participating schools (and private classes) obviously had a much bigger budget than Mountain View. (All her teammates had to either rent costumes or make something up from what they had. Maggie's dress was rented from a local theater company, but she looked great in it.) One group in particular (from Idaho) had probably 100+ people there who had no shortage of lung power or enthusiasm (or money!). My ears were definitely ringing and the headache was overwhelming to say the least. (I'm most grateful I didn't take Griffin along. He wouldn't have lasted three seconds in there.)

All the teams gathered in a circle and it was just like watching Juliet Prowse in PBS with all the couples doing their specialty dance and then the next groups coming in. After the first few dances, they gave the standings; MV was in 5th (out of 7) place. Their number was called, so Maggie and Lance (Elliott) took their places on the floor.

As a result of their dance, they brought their team up one place to finish in 4th. She was very pleased with their performance (as was I).

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