Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our First Broken Bone--Maybe

Last Wednesday, Maggie came home from an evening ballroom rehearsal saying that she had popped her elbow out and back in. Understandably, it was sore. By Saturday, she was having tingling in her fingers and pain going up her arm. By Sunday night (after the Super Bowl, of course), we were at our After Hours care and then off to the hospital for x-rays. They came back normal and we were told again to just use some ibuprofen and ice. On Monday, I called her pediatrician again to say that it was getting worse. By Tuesday, we were at an orthopedist (recommended by our pediatrician) and we came out with her arm in a soft cast and sling. She has a probable fracture of the radial head and torn ligaments. Because she has the big Andrew Lloyd Weber concert this weekend (a fundraiser for the choir), she needs to perform. We have a follow-up appointment on Tuesday where they will probably long-arm cast her (from the shoulder to below the wrist) for 10 days.

Today? She got up, ready for school, and all the bags she needed for work (immediately after school) and another late rehearsal with the choir. I just hope we make it to next Tuesday!

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