Sunday, April 18, 2010

March 27, 2010: The General Young Women Conference

Our stake was fortunate this year to receive tickets to the annual conference. Since Ellie turned 12 that week, she was able to go with us! It was her first time actually in the Conference Center and we were lucky enough to be moved up from our original ticket selection to about 15 rows away from the very front!

We decided to go quite a bit earlier so that I could drop off Kevan's final draft and visit with Terri a bit. We were lucky enough to see Jeremiah and his boys as well before it was time for us to walk down. (We also really appreciated the parking spot since it alleviated the jam that inevitably follows conference. There were also NCAA finals going on downtown so that didn't help with the traffic situation.)

It's such a cool experience to be in the Conference Center. It's funny that the natural inclination is to look at the big screens on the side instead of just looking straight ahead to see the speakers. The music is always so powerful when it envelopes you. I'm glad I was able to do this with both my daughters.

Here we are inside the Conference Center.

At City Creek Park on our way back to the condo.

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