Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Excellence in Education Volunteer Recipient

Each year, a teacher is chosen to receive what was formerly "The Golden Apple" award and a luncheon is held recognizing all the recipients in the Orem area. This year, I guess the award was changed to the "Excellence in Education" award and they also recognize a Volunteer of the Year. I was selected as the representative from Westmore Elementary.

So John, the teacher recipient (Cherise Burke) and her guest, PTA president (and former YW president) Marchele Oldham, PTA president-elect Brooke Price, and principal Barry Beckstrand joined us for the luncheon and awards presentation. The volunteers were called up and given a tile with the words, "Live to Serve, Serve to Live" on it and given a round of applause. (John thought maybe it should be a doormat instead of a tile since we probably all get walked on and over all the time.)

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leila said...

Congratulations, you deserve it. And John's comment is hysterical... and true.