Friday, January 1, 2010

Lazy Days of Winter

For the second time in a week, I've had a day where I haven't had to do a single thing. Everything I did was something I wanted to do and wasn't under any obligation to do anything or be anywhere. We spent New Year's Eve with John's sister's family (the Rodens) and some of Ben's friends. At around 10, John went home to celebrate the New Year "east coast style" and the little ones and I went to my friend's house to watch a movie, eat more food, and play a game. Ian stayed with Ben and Maggie went to a multi-stake dance. With the night being a late (or early) one, we all slept in this morning until I got up at 9:30. (Everyone else was still asleep.) We've spent the day in pajamas, the kids watching the first season of "The Clone Wars" on DVD and John and I enjoying the Boston Bruins playing the Flyers in the Winter Classic as well as the Top 100s on VH1. I've caught up on laundry, broken down and packed up Christmas, finally prepared our Christmas cards, worked on my lesson for Sunday, cooked a few more junk food faves, visited with John's parents and sibs over some oyster stew (along with other things that I could eat without allergic reactions) and are now enjoying some of our favorite M*A*S*H episodes.

I sure wish there were more days like today. Oh wait...there's another one tomorrow! Happy new year!!!

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