Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Back in the summer as I took a turn about the local farmer's market, there was a booth for the Provo Covey Center for the Arts, advertising that the production, "Stomp" would be there in January. Tickets were going fast, but I was able to get the two seats in the very back corner of the balcony. Let me tell you: it was well worth it. Since Ian's leaving two weeks from today, I figured he was the best candidate for the second ticket. We both loved it from the very start to the very end. Offering two standing ovations, my mind was all a-flutter about how to incorporate this style of, um, expression, into my calling. Now, I don't know how the young women are going to do it, but somehow, somewhere (I'm thinking skit night at camp), the Lakeridge 8th ward YW will be stomping!

I know I've said this before (or maybe I've just thought it), but I love living here. The family and I have been able to see such great entertainment. I'm grateful that we're able to enjoy these performances, usually at a reasonable cost. (Okay, sometimes it costs a bit more for the bigger/better shows, but still, we go to lots of local theater which is the same cost as a night at the movies.) I may hate our January inversions, but I sure love all the "drama."

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