Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Trip to PA (July 9 through 21st)

You may have noticed a significant gap in updates. That would be due to my trip home, by myself. The reason for this trip was to help my mom restore protect my grandfather's WW1 letters and to work on their personal and mission scrapbooks. We did them very simply and, as far as scrapbook budgets go, inexpensively. As we completed them, we were also able to go through her slides and get them into sleeves and binders so she could look through them and eventually scan them all. I think we both felt a sense of accomplishment, and even a little tired (well, mom would say she was a lot tired as she needed to nap each afternoon).

As with any project, there was a lot of garbage. As we transferred the photos from the old sticky-back pages and adhered them to the new, there was obviously a lot of trash. We also went through stacks of old manuals, years of lesson plans from former callings, outdated genealogy sheets, etc. Dad started funneling the papers into the recycling and we bagged the rest for the garbage.

One of our many baskets of trash

I also had the opportunity to visit Friendly's five of the ten days I was there. For those unfamiliar with this ice cream chain, it has multiple ice cream sundaes based on Hershey's candies. My all-time favorite is the Resee's Peanut Butter Cup sundae. This is in no way related to the cup that actually comes with it, but the peanut butter sauce that is used in it. It makes me happy!

While I was there, I got word that my niece, Kirsty, was surprising her mom with a visit for a week. She flew in on Saturday afternoon and came over to celebrate my niece-in-law's birthday with us. It was a great dinner and delicious carrot cake (courtesy of Wegmans grocery store--a place I could get lost in for days).

Gage Michaelis and Joshua Clawson

Gage, Joshua and Everett enjoying the backyard.

Discovering the birdbath



I also had the chance to spend a day in Philly with two of my friends from high school. It was a great visit and a really hot, humid July day. (The weather had been amazing--unseasonably cool--the whole time except for this one day. There were also some amazing thunderstorms that I got to enjoy.)

Rod Landis and Greg Hoffman
I did have the chance to spend lots of time visiting with family and enjoying all the comforts of home (Yum Yum donuts, Friendly's, Nat's Pizza, Devil Dogs, cheesesteaks). I could still Skype with my little ones (and beloved husband!) each night and keep up with Griffin's reading. Kirsty and I got to see several movies and just hang out. I was even able to substitute on the piano in Relief Society and sing as part of the choir, but even better, see old friends that I consider part of my extended family.
Eleanor Carney

While I was gone, both Maggie and Ellie got their hair done by Roo McAllister. Here are their makeovers.

I loved my trip. I loved it so much that I've already booked a return trip--this time with the rest of the family--for October. I want my family to know and love them as much as I do!

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leila said...

Put on your ruby slippers and click your heels...there's no place like home!! I'm so glad you got to do that, I am still mad at my parents for leaving Columbia!! Leila