Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

After the events of the previous day, we were happy to start the day off by sleeping in. John was the first to wake up at 9:30. I woke up shortly thereafter. We had the house to straighten up and then it was a lazy day from then on. That evening we invited John's parents and his sister and family up to see our measly fireworks. (We're no Stadium of Fire down in Provo, but it was a lot cheaper!)

We enjoyed a meal of hot dogs, chili, salad, chips and cottage cheese with a strawberry daquiri (non-alcoholic, of course) slush. That was followed by a homemade Nutella ice cream and flag cake.
Griffin thought it looked better with a mock flagpole.
At about 9:30, we went outside to start our fireworks show. Of course, Griffin just loved every second of it. The 'works and company were great and after sweeping up the mess, we settled in for the evening, doing our best to help Wilbur settle from the explosions going on around the valley. It was no ATF-approved show like I'm sure Chris shot off, but it worked for us!

The crazy eye!

Dueling tanks

I guess our show brought out the cats (Gus)...

...and at least one dog who could sleep through anything.

Special thanks to my mom who sent us a list of our ancestors who served in the military. Griffin asked that very morning if we had anyone who was a captain. The information was very helpful!

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