Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Griffin's Swimming Lessons

While I was in Pennsylvania, Griffin started swim lessons with one of our neighbors. He has had several weeks of private lessons in the past and really didn't make much progress. I thought I'd try with her and see how he did. She invited me to come yesterday to see what he has accomplished. (She'd also called me several times while I was gone to share his successes.) What we found was two-fold. First, he does better when I'm NOT there. Second, after being away from lessons for a little less than a week (his teacher went on vacation), he talked himself into believing that he couldn't do what he had already passed off.

But the good news is that he can still float! For a kid who has very little body fat, that's quite an accomplishment. I was impressed with the way he does it and Michelle told me that he came up with that position himself.

He can also hold his breath with his face in the water for 9 seconds. It does take a bit of recovery time when he comes up for air as he tries to wipe all the water off his face, but it's progress nonetheless.

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