Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm 42!: June 23

The age was not what was important on this day. What was important was that John was taking me out to lunch at an Italian restaurant that had all our favorites on the menu. It was such a lovely meal! They didn't have the one dish I wanted (gorgonzola gnocchi) and they were kind enough to make it for me anyway. We started off with caprese, then had our pastas and followed with panne cotta. It was so delicious (and kind of pricey); definitely worth the drive up to Salt Lake. After we returned to John's office, hthe officce manager and I crossed the street to the "V" chocolates store. They gave me a bag of chocolate for my birthday! How many times does that happen?!
In the late afternoon, my neighbor (who made the amazing dutch oven dinner at camp), showed up at my door with a chocolate pineapple upside down cake that he made for my birthday. It was also delicious!
And finally, Ellie was invited, along with her family, to attend a local theater production of "Singing in the Rain." I have never seen the movie, but thoroughly enjoyed the show. The shows at this little establishment are done in the round. And for the big namesake number, they actually turn on the sprinklers and dance and splash around, not worrying about how or what they are soaking in the process. (Unfortunately, we were in the back row and didn't get wet, much to Ellie's dismay.)
I very much enjoyed the celebration of my 42nd year!

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