Sunday, July 5, 2009

Father's Day: June 21

Father's Day was such a blur because of the line-up of events: musical number with the Beehives in Sacrament Meeting, teach the second coming in Gospel Doctrine, and prepare for a barbecue with the Asplunds and family.

The musical number was easy. My little presidency made sure to call everyone and have them come early to practice. They did a great job and all I had to do was accompany. Had I not been so nervous about filling in for Gospel Doctrine, I wouldn't have been so shaky on the piano. Fortunately, we got through it without too many mess ups.
There are several people in our ward who have no problem sharing their thoughts in class. They'll even tell you if what you're saying is wrong. I don't do well in pressure situations when it comes to my knowledge of the gospel. And then to teach the second coming? In 30 minutes? With my in-laws and extended family in the audience? It was extraordinarly stressful. I think I spent 30-40 hours in lesson prep, just for those 30 minutes. I can't tell you how it went, just that it ended and I was still standing. Phew!
After church, we went to John's sisters' house for a barbecue with John's parents, and the families of his brother and two sisters.

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