Saturday, April 4, 2009

Maggie found her wedding cake

I took Maggie to Magelby's restaurant to get a piece of their cake. It's known as the award winning cake (not exactly sure which awards it has won) and should be fantastic, but I really can't stand it. (I'll give you all a minute to compose yourselves; I'm sure you're stunned by the fact that there's a chocolate behemoth of a cake that I don't like. It's a Texas Sheet Cake recipe which I have never liked, just not chocolaty/fudgy enough for me.)
While we were waiting for our piece to go, she saw this one and decided that this was what she wanted for her wedding. I guess that gives Cherise and I plenty of time to plan it out! (But it won't be a Texas Sheet Cake! If I have to make it, I want it to be good to eat!)

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