Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

Saturday morning started with setting up the annual RMMG's (my employer) Easter egg hunt for their clients and families. With over 10,000 filled eggs and hundreds of toys and gifts, hundreds of people converged at the Scera Park. I was to help with the 10-12 year old hunt (which really means caging the beasts until the horn sounds). Here's what it looked like from my vantage point.
But those are the easy hunts. After the under-18 groups are done, all the adults gather for the men's and women's races. These are nuts. In fact, even the partners of the company won't be in the middle for these. I was determined to get pictures of the coveted grand prize being snatched. This year it was a stuffed hippo from Madagascar. Here's what it looks like before the women's race.
Did I mention it was raining? Add that and the typical cool Utah temperatures to the mix. We had probably half of the usual number of people show up because of the weather. I came home to an already-cleaned bathroom and a hot shower. I changed out of my wet clothes and sat for a few minutes before getting ready for our own family egg hunt. We've made it so that the kids hide the eggs for each other. Ian always finds the most obscure places for eggs, so Maggie had the challenge this year of finding where he hid them. She did a good job, even though it took a while to find them.

Griffin hiding eggs for Ellie

Ellie finding the eggs

One of the eggs Ellie hid for Griffin.

This egg took a while for Griffin to find. Even with John pointing at it, he would look right past it.

Maggie starts her search...

...and fills her basket.

Ian searches throughout the room. Most of his eggs were tucked in
and around family (and pet) members.

Happy Easter to everyone!


Kirsty Michaelis said...

I love how you have the kids hide eggs for each other. I'm going to remember that for later!

Holly said...

Tucker slept late, so we didn't get to the egg hunt until 10:45. Of course everything was all cleaned up and everyone was getting ready to leave, so we just chatted with the partners for a bit and then left. So sad we missed you! Good for you for surviving it this year! (I must say, I was very happy not to have to be there early to set up this year!)