Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ian's Wisdom Teeth Come Out

When I think back to when I had my wisdom teeth removed, I think about not only having four teeth removed, but a frenectomy as well (removal of skin at the front of my mouth). I was living with roomates in Provo, Utah. The boy I liked stopped by a day or so after the surgery and I was unrecognizable. I couldn't eat or drink for several days because not only were my cheeks swollen, but the front of my mouth was as well. I didn't get up off the couch for a good five days.

Yesterday we went in to the oral surgeon's office, filled out some paperwork, received some instructions, and then Ian was taken back. I had planned on at least 45 minutes until he was in recovery, and then another 45 minutes in recovery. Maybe 15 minutes after he was taken back, I was called to the recovery room. Here he is.

He had posted on his Facebook page a couple hours later that he felt like Bob Marley. His cousin, Claire, was quick to correct that maybe he was thinking of Jacob Marley. In his somewhat dazed state, he had combined Bob Cratchit and Jacob Marley to form a completely different person. Ya, man!

His recovery has been miraculous. I checked on him this morning and he was fine. He's had some ibuprofen and takes an antibiotic, but nothing more than that. Here he is this afternoon. There's minor swelling but you don't see it unless he smiles. (Disregard the flower petals coming out of his head. I just had him stand in front of my closet door which has a two or three year old Mother's Day picture from Griffin taped to it.)

I hope it's this easy for everyone else!

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leila said...

Oh, I hope it's that easy. Let me know how day 3 or 4 goes!!can we say "dry sockets?" Love leila