Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Warriors!

As I mentioned in my last post, Cherise put up wainscoting in the living room while we were gone. There were just a few pieces that needed to be installed, but the weeks after we returned from Italy were so busy, we just couldn't get around to it.

One of the afternoons was taken with a visit from Mandy and her kids to Utah and a trip to Chris' house in Draper to swim in his little pool. It was the perfect day to swim and we had a good time. Tabitha was happy wearing her bathing suit, but not in the conventional manner. Chris showed us around his house now that he's finished the basement into an apartment, and I'm so impressed with his talents and abilities. He is the best parts of his dad.

Another of the projects was a wedding cake for someone in the ward. Now I don't claim any talent in this field, but I was able to help make the bottom layer "forms" out of Rice Krispie treats and do the initial layer of frosting that would be covered by fondant. That's all I did, and provided moral support for Cherise while she did the hard stuff. But the result was beautiful!

Once the reception was over, Cherise was able to help me--or, quite frankly, finish--with the last two boards. I knew that the schedule would be tight as Maggie was to have her annual interview as part of the BYU family study of teenage girls and their parents. Part of it was to be videotaped, and the living room was in no state to be filmed. That gave me Thursday and Friday to paint with her appointment on Saturday at 10 a.m. I'm happy to say that shy of the fireplace wall which we couldn't decide what color to paint, it was finished and looked magnificent. There are still a few things left to do, but the room is livable again.

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MommyRohner said...

The cake and your house look beautiful. I'll have to try that rice krispie trick next time I make a layered cake.

It was great to see you in Utah, and I LOVE the picture of Tabitha.