Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Done!

After weeks of being in "remodel" mode, the living room is finally finished. John spent nearly 12 hours replacing the lights and, thanks to the kindness of our friend, neighbor and electrician, Doug, they work! (If any of you watch the show Monk, I was sure our house was going to turn into the house he purchased.) Once you delve into the bare bones of your old house, you find all sorts of things that need repaired. I chose not to know and not to find out any further what could possibly be behind the walls. While they finished up the lights, I got the curtains up and am so very pleased with the final result. I guess I'd have to be honest and say there's some paint touch-up work to do, but that will be done without rush.

Living in Utah gives us the distinct advantage of adding a holiday to the work schedule. Thursday the 24th was Pioneer Day. Our local ward celebrates every year at the house of one of our neighbors with an enormous breakfast. They provide all the pancakes you can eat, and everyone else brings something to contribute. This family has a tree house, trampoline, zip line, swingset, basketball court, and lots of room for tables and chairs to be set up. It's one of my kids' favorites of the year, so we were there bright and early. John, unfortunately, is never able to attend since his line of work doesn't allow for the 24th off. We ate until we could eat no more, then headed home to rest it off until lunch when I had a promise to keep for Griffin. During his brief hospital stay, he begged and pleaded to go anywhere else, but mostly to Carl's Jr. (Not for the food--for the playland.) I told him that if he could just hang in there, I would take him on Pioneer Day. So still full from breakfast, Griffin, Maggie, my friend Cherise and her mother Joyce, and I headed off to the playland. I let him play for about 20 minutes while the rest of us "ate" and then we took off for home where I dropped he and Mags off so Cherise, Joyce and I could make a dent in the missionary shopping for Cherise's son who was leaving the next week to India for two years.

Maggie had her birthday "party" that night which consisted of a banana split bar for her and 8 of her friends followed by night games at the local junior high and a sleepover at her friends' house. It was the easiest party we've ever done and I'm thinking it's a new standard for everyone--you can eat here, but then leave! She received one of her presents, a new set of scriptures. She'll get her main present Wednesday for her birthday. Ian knows what it is and can hardly stand it. He keeps telling her that she wants it early, but she's not budging, I'm sure because of his anxiousness.
Griffin still has quite a bump on his head. He tried to use it to his advantage today when it was time to get ready for church. Unfortunately, none of his negotiation tactics worked and he had to go to church with the rest of us. He seems to be recovering, although he said that his head still really hurts. He's in desperate need of a haircut, but since that involves touching his head, he's off the hook for now.

Ellie surprised me this morning by walking in after her shower and saying, "Feel how smooth my legs are!" to which I replied, "Tell me you didn't shave your legs." She had. She said she was tired of Maggie always saying the same thing and she couldn't compare hers. Now she can, and we've welcomed her into the world of shaving for the rest of her life. She said, "Well, no one told me THAT!" It's a cruel world, isn't it.

Ian is in full swing with the student council. With Sophomore Day less than three weeks away, they've been meeting every other day to get things ready for the new school year. I can't say that I've ever seen him happier. It's been such a good experience for him.

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MommyRohner said...

Ellie shaved her legs!!! What was she thinking? Does she know that now she has to start dreaming of laser hair removal like the rest of us?