Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 3: The Colosseum or "Give me sexy, Griffin!"

In the heat of the afternoon, we headed over
to the Colosseum. Griffin was hot and tired, but that was nothing compared to his meltdown when he realized that we were at the bottom and were going to get closer to the top. (What none of us knew was that there's an elevator!) Our guide led us through the crowds, to the elevator, and up to what I guess is the main level of the Colosseum. Again, the eyes and brain couldn't fully comprehend where we were and what we were seeing. Griffin's main goal was to find shade wherever possible, and I don't think he was alone in this venture. As amazing and unbelievable as it is, it was hot and we did feel as though we were just in an outdoor oven. I took it upon myself to stick with Griffin and try to keep him entertained--and in the shade.

The Arch of Constantine

I thought I really wanted to have a family picture at this amazing place, so we asked if our other family members would take a picture for us. This is the first shot, with no real emotion from Griffin. Chris, his cousin, yelled out, "Give me sexy, Griffin," which led to this shot:

My kids still go around saying, "Give me sexy, Griffin!" Ah, what a memory!

We may have been able to take the elevator up, but the stairs were the way down, and boy, were they steep!

It was off to catch the bus on the other side and head to the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. On the way, we found this artist. I always stop at them when I can and pose. I had Griffin pose with me, but he was so freaked out he wouldn't do it again in Florence.

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