Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

A grand tradition in our family is gathering for food, football, and well, the commercials of Super Bowl Sunday. Ian mentioned to me early this afternoon that it just wouldn't be the same without Kim and the Clawsons to gather with. (He also said that New Years' Eve wasn't the same, either, and that these two occasions are his two favorite of the year because we spend time with family.)

So after church ended (at 4!) we rushed home (thank goodness for Tivo!) and John and the kids started helping with enough food to feed more than 6 of us! We set up a table downstairs so we could all watch together and no one (namely me!) would have to miss the game or commercials preparing food. We had:

7-layer dip
mango salsa
cheese and crackers
lil' smokies
artichoke dip
buffalo chicken dip
banana pudding with Nilla wafers

Did I mention there were only six of us and that at least one really doesn't eat much (although I'm sure the dogs would have been happy to chip in their appetites)? Needless to say, if anyone walks around this house hungry for the next few days, it would be their own fault as we have enough leftovers to feed an army.

It was a great game, keeping us captivated til the end. We enjoyed the game and the commercials, as well as the nourishment--especially after a long Fast Sunday. We just have one more Super Bowl to sit through without Kim's company, but know that she is in better hands than ours.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for bringing me up so well. I don't know that many husbands have wives that make such a big deal out of Super Bowl Sunday for their families. (And by the way, this was the first football game I'd seen in HD. You could see nearly every pore and bead of sweat. It was spectacular!)

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