Sunday, February 22, 2009

Death on a Popsicle Stick

Sorry for the lack of updates. This has been a very busy week. We had our New Beginnings (Young Women) on Wednesday. My niece and class president, Emma, did a great job planning it. There's something about a simple and short program that has impact. I think sometimes we get caught up in trying to do something that is grandiose with an in-depth spiritual meaning. What I found through my years planning camp and working with cub scouts (kind of two ends of the spectrum) is that it's about keeping things simple. One of the young women commented to their mother that they really enjoyed this meeting because it was short and she didn't become bored through it. I think that's a great compliment. Much kudos, again, to Emma for her foresight and great conducting of the meeting.

With that over, I moved on to helping Ellie who developed croup. (I heard that barking cough, sat up in bed and thought, "Oh no. Who has it?" Her doctor was surprised because kids her age typically don't get croup, but then again, nothing in our family is typical.) John stayed home sick on Friday while I ran back and forth to work, the doctor, the school, etc. By Friday night, I felt it hitting me and just thought, "I don't have time for this!" I quickly started on Nyquil and have been keeping up with Dayquil and Nyquil since. (And no, that picture is not of me. No cameras allowed right now.)

Yesterday was a full day with a stake meeting in the morning, mini-enrichment class immediately after, and then a break where I could lay in bed before a ward dinner that evening. I got up to help Ian prepare a fruit tray for his group Sweethearts dinner/dance date and made dinner for the family. I came home from the dinner/auction and took my cold/flu meds and hit the sack. Today is ward conference and with the rest of the presidency out of town, I need to go to "represent." I've taken my meds for the day, checked on how everyone is doing (half will be staying home today), and enjoyed a long HOT shower.

I've been reflecting on the time I took off while I had and recovered from my neck surgery. It's so interesting to me that I can be still and do nothing for something like that (heavy duty drugs probably influenced that) while with a swimming head, achy body, etc., I just kind of say, "Oh well. Got to keep going." How is it that I feel guilty about one and not the other? Maybe it's a matter of weighing the seriousness of them or just putting my trust in the Lord and saying, "You know I can't be down right now. Help me through." Maybe it's just being silly. I don't know, but I've found that when I'm doing what I should be, regardless of pain or illness, I'm bouyed up through as long as I need to be.

A special thanks to Diane Van Dyke who gave me some of the leftovers from the dinner. That means I don't have to worry about making dinner tonight and can just come home and crash!

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