Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"I'm a Geek"

As we were driving to school today, we passed a "Geek Squad" car. Ellie asked what it was and I explained--maybe poorly--that it's what Dad does: troubleshoot computers and electronics. Ellie naturally came to the conclusion that both John and Ian are geeks. I agreed and said that being a geek is a good thing because in the end, a geek can always support his family. Griffy thought that calling them geeks was a terrible thing and that we should be called to repentance. I put him on the phone to John so he could answer the question himself. Griffy tenuously said, "Dad, are you a geek?" to which he responded, "Yes." Griffin said that people shouldn't call him that, that he was not a geek. As John talked to him, I could see him getting almost distraught. When I parked the car, I got out to help Griffin and he was closing the phone. I asked what Dad had said to him and he said, "Dad said geeks like Star Wars, so I guess that means I'm a geek, too." I walked him to class so I could briefly talk with his teacher and he muttered down the hall, "I can't believe I'm a geek." I hope this moment doesn't come back in therapy!

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Kirsty Michaelis said...

I can totally see myself having that conversation someday...except ryan is an accounting nerd :)