Sunday, November 29, 2009

Joseph and His Coat (November 12-13)

It has been a month (really?) since my last post. Our ward has been involved in a production of "Joseph and His Coat" since October and it has taken up a majority of our time. (I did stall on posting about it because I was waiting for pictures. I wish there were some of Griffin who did the robot during the dance portion and also gave the big "Broadway finish" that everyone was looking for.) Griffin and Ellie were in the kids' chorus, Maggie was one of the wives/dancers, Ian was the technical director, and I was one of the narrators. John provided emotional support as needed and came to both of our performances.

I was thrilled to have Chris Hopkins in attendance at our Saturday performance, as well as John's parents, 2 of his sisters and their families, and a niece who is attending the Y. As thrilled as I was to be one of the narrators, the time, energy, and brain space was a bit overwhelming. It was a great experience for everyone, but I think we're all glad that it's over.

Here are the pictures. This was performed in a church cultural hall and I think we all know that the lighting in there always wreaks havoc with the quality, but I think these turned out fairly well.

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