Saturday, October 3, 2009


Since Griffin's birthday is mid-week and John's is while we are in PA, I decided that today was the day to celebrate them both. Griffin had his party between conference sessions. It was a "Bakugan vs. Star Wars" party with my friend, Cherise, once again decorating the cake. She truly is gifted! Although she will say it was a team effort, I only baked the cake and filled and frosted it. She handpainted it with the characters and molded the fondant on top into Darth Vader.(Okay, Blogger and I are having a tug-of-war uploading pictures, so they are all in the wrong order.)

John was taking pictures of the cake with my camera and I just couldn't resist the opportunity to give him his first present: a Canon Rebel. He started snapping his own pictures around the house while I coralled the kids in and outside and then prepped the cake for candles.

He'll get his second present tonight after I pick it up from Salt Lake. Here's hoping he likes his second one as much as the first!

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