Sunday, August 9, 2009

Maggie's Sweet 16 Party

Now, this was downright boring compared to anything you've ever seen on MTV. But for our standards, it was pretty upscale. We decided that rather interrup the family for six hours, it would be best to have it in a different location. I had heard of this place called "Noah's" and decided that this was a perfect opportunity to take advantage of its facilities. After reviewing things with Mags (who she wanted to invite and what she wanted to do), to quote Brigham Young "This [was] the place."

We started gathering together at 4:30 and were at the room by a little after 5. The room was perfect, but even better was the fact that we had the entire place to ourselves--not that we would use the other rooms, but we wouldn't be disturbing other people.
First up on the agenda was food. We got our food from the local Bajio restaurant (awesome Mexican) and brought it back so they could enjoy some homemade (non-alcoholic, obviously) margaritas. While they ate, they watched "She's the Man" on the big screen. I had set up a little area for them to fill chinese take-out boxes with a selection of movie candies.
After the movie, they played some pool.

Then they set up Rock Band. And oh, my goodness, I did not know that seven people could be that loud. It was at that very moment that I was grateful that we weren't in our house.
Around 9:30, we figured it was time to break out the cake and presents. Her friends made it clear that the more off-key they sang, the more they loved her. Again, there was much gratitude that no one else was in the building. They must love her an awful lot!
As happens with store-bought cakes in dramatic colors, the icing stains everything. Maggie is a perfect example.
They all agreed that it was a great night. We were home by 11 and I was pooped! Happy birthday, Mags!

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