Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Loooooooong Day

With three of the four children involved in sleepovers, I thought I'd join my friend, Cherise, and a few of her kids on their weekly hike up Rock Canyon in Provo. Griffin was sleeping over at their house, but I thought he'd stay there with her boy until he had to go work on a merit badge around 8 or so. When she pulled up at 6:50 am, there he was, all buckled in and excited to hike. I double--and triple--checked that he really wanted to do this. She told me that he had been talking about it since the night before and was ready to go.

Now this is my kind of hike! It was lovely and not so steep as to cause me to wish to die. It was overcast and cool this morning and we tried to time it so we'd avoid the forecasted morning thunderstorms.

Griffin slipped and fell a few times, but he was quite the trooper, getting up each time and saying, "I don't even need a band-aid," even though he probably could have used one on his knee and hand by the time we finished. As we got in the car, I checked my cell phone which has a pedometer to find that we had walked nearly five miles in that little hike.

We were going to run home and grab more family members before heading to the Provo Farmer's Market, but the heavens opened and rains poured down. Grateful that we had made it out before getting soaked, we agreed that we'd just put off that adventure for another week. I decided to head to the elementary school and help my friend and Ellie's teacher work on her world timeline. (She wants to have it up for Back to School night on Tuesday; I think it will take until Back to School night next year before it will be ready.)

I worked there until about 1:45 when I went home to go with John to a friend's home to work on her in-home network. Ian and I had tried on Friday and failed miserably. After four hours, John had the house on a wireless network and everything up and running. Boy is he handy!
We got home in time to get Griffin (who was asleep on the couch) and head down to the Utah County fair. (Cherise and her family had gone earlier and had taken Ellie with them.) There was quite a bit of the fair dedicated to the 4-H program and Ellie had entered a ceramic plate she had made. She was thrilled to share that her plate won a blue ribbon! Along with the typical carnival games, there were lots of tractors and other equipment for the little ones to sit on.

The 4-H activity was to attend the Demolition Derby that closed out the fair, but the tickets were sold out, so we chose to come home instead. After lots of showers and a few moments of rest, I downloaded my pictures from the day. I'm sad that I didn't have my other camera on me for the hike as the picture quality would have been better, but all I had was the cell phone.Although long, I think it was a great day.

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