Monday, June 1, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance

On Thursday, May 28, Ian became a member of the real world and a graduate of the Mountain View High School Class of 2009.

It was two hours long, but didn't seem to drag. At one point, the Senior Class Historian, Jared Cisneros, said, "I'd like to read a poem written by Jennifer Asplund." My phone began lighting up with texts as he said the following,

In case you couldn't understand it, here it is:
As good friends come together,
They must also turn and part.
But all those memories are forever,
And join in the heart.
Though true friends never disappear,
Some fade into the past.
Yet with those few who are so dear,
The love can always last.
A new life is beginning
An old life just behind
The world to face in front
The lesson in your mind.
The joyous gifts of passion
The heartbreaks of a loss
Are all a part of growing
And becoming your own boss.
So hold on to all those friendships,
And remember when you're blue;
Your friends are there to turn to,
To tell you, "I love you."
This was a poem I wrote for my graduation and gave to several of my close friends. In turn, Greg Hoffman had it done in calligraphy and framed as a gift to me. I have it hanging in my laundry room and Ian took it to student council to read to them at their end of year meeting. That's how Jared heard it. It was a surreal experience to have my poem read in front of all those people. (Even afterwards, people in my stake were coming up and telling me I was "famous" and how did it feel to be the only parent mentioned by name.)

Ian was one of the very last ones to receive his diploma cover since he was part of the student council.
After Ian turned in his gown and got his diploma, we went home to let the kids change clothes and then went out for a celebratory dinner to Sakura, a Japanese Steakhouse and sushi bar (Ian's request).

It was very entertaining! We had never been to one of these before, and it was an adventure for us all. Griffin shocked us by ordering sushi (which, to no one's surprise, he didn't eat) and shrimp (which he ate one), but enjoyed watching the show most of all.

Ian attempting to catch the shrimp our chef was throwing at him.

We found out the next day through one of Griffin's friends, that Griffin told his class he had seen a volcano! Here's the proof.
After the meal, the family retired for a bit of rest, while the girls and I went out to try something new: a gelateria that just opened (they say it's imported from Italy). We brought home six flavors and enjoyed the memories of our trip last summer.
When it was 8, it was time for the older ones to head off to the end of year dance while I went into the school to set up for the all night senior party. Carma, Terri Hatch and I were in charge of the entertainment from 1 to 3 a.m., so we came up with 3 rounds of Deal or No Deal and 3 rounds of Family Feud. They seemed to go over really well. I only have one really horrible picture from the evening and that's of me and Ian (while I'm in my "costume" as the 70's game show hostess). It really is horrible of me though, so I didn't include it. I guess that's the benefit of being the blog hostess!

We got home at about 5:15 a.m. and I slept for an hour before going with the little ones to their last day of school. They have an end of year assembly and you never really know if you are or aren't getting an award, so I just always go "just in case." Griffin was sure he wouldn't be getting anything, but ended up receiving a certificate for 100% attendance for the school year! We didn't even realize that he hadn't missed a single day! Ellie received an award for scoring in the top 10% of the Iowa Testing for reading and language. She was shocked as well. I was glad I attended, but unfortunately, was so blitzed from the night before that I had left my camera at home, so no pictures.

By 9:30 Friday morning, everyone was declaring that the summer had begun, and I went back to bed! (By the way, there are only 80 days until they go back to school, but who's counting?)
Congratulations, Ian. Welcome to the real world!

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