Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mixed Blessings

Today is the day I've been waiting for for nearly two weeks: the cervical collar came off! I can't wait to sleep tonight because I hope to go back to my most comfortable sleeping positions. The doctor asked me how I've been feeling and I told them that I've been nearly pain-free since the surgery--until today! My arm was hurting as much as it did before the surgery and the pain in the back of my neck was almost unbearable. It was all blamed on a storm system that came through today and I was assured that the arm pain would be gone within three months, but more importantly, would lessen when the storm passed. Same with the neck, although the storm-pain will probably persist. I've been trying to do as many mental exercises as I can to mentally control the pain and have arranged for a massuse to come in tonight to see if she can help as well. But now I'm allowed to turn my head from side to side, but not up and down and I have the same activity restrictions that I had with the collar on, although I can drive now (for short distances, I say). They want me to refill all my prescriptions before we go to Italy so I'm not left without medicine if my pain levels increase again. My next appointment is in 10 weeks and is scheduled for the day after the kids return to school (yippee!). Then they will decide if I'm ready to resume full activity and get back to physical therapy.

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