Monday, June 2, 2008

Doesn't Summer Mean We Can Sleep In?

It's the first "official" day of summer vacation, and, as is his usual custom, Griffin was in waking me at 6:30 to ask if he could watch "The Magic School Bus" of the day. (He has it season passed on Tivo.) Now, this usually isn't a big deal because it makes sure that everyone is getting ready for school, but come on! It's June! No more school! We sleep in! So by 6:35, both he and I were up, watching The Magic School Bus.

Ellie will find out if she passed the test for the swim team today and if so, that will add another dimension to our summer. She'll be walking along with some of the neighborhood kids to the pool each morning for practice. Ian's already on the computer working on some logos he's designing, and Maggie and I are sharing our favorite songs with each other. Here's hoping for a fast and lazy summer!

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