Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's That Time Again! (Vancouver 2010)

I love the Olympics. I'm pretty sure I mentioned that two years ago. I can't believe the last time we watched the Summer Olympics, my sister was on her LDS church mission in Quito, Ecuador. Now as I watch them, she is back home and Ian is serving his LDS church mission in Cordoba, Argentina. Well, honestly, he's still just in Provo, a few miles away, but it might as well be Argentina as we don't get to see or talk to him. By Friday afternoon, I had designed my own spreadsheet of all the coverage so I know what time to set which DVR and when to be watching live. (Curling's always from 1-4 a.m., so I guess I'll be taping it to watch later.)

John and Ellie had a Daddy/Daughter Date on Friday and Maggie was going to hang with her "besty" Anna, so Griffin and I had the house to ourselves. After a hot date through the McDonalds' drive-thru, we settled in for the long evening watching the Opening Ceremony. Convinced that they couldn't top the Beijing performance, I was prepared for just a good show, nothing spectacular. Griffin just wanted them to light the torch. I must say that I really loved the middle portion of the ceremony with the 2D/3D whales, wheat fields, and music. The Joni Mitchell song "Both Sides Now" was redone beautifully! k.d. Lang's Hallelujah was gorgeous as well. We even chuckled as Steve Nash and Wayne Gretzky kept looking slyly at each other to figure out what was going wrong with the torch lighting portion of the evening.

But even better than the Opening Ceremony is the competition. By Saturday night, I had no voice. The final Apolo Ohno race: unbelievable. The women's moguls: phenomenal. Today's Nordic Combined: heartbreaking. And tonight, as we settle in to watch more competition, I'm already a jumble of nerves with no voice.

Did I mention I love the Olympics?

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